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Window Types to Suit Your Interior

Stock windows that come with your house or apartment aren’t always great; they’re, in most cases, designed to be replaced. Windows like these are usually there just to make the illusion of “completeness,” or a preview of what the room would look like if it was illuminated by daylight.

Window Types

Renewal by Andersen® of New Jersey knows just what it feels like to have incomplete windows or windows that don’t “vibe” well with the room. In today’s post, we recommend the suitable styles or designs that are appropriate for your interior.

Find the Right Style

The first and foremost consideration is keeping true to your style. After all, you wouldn’t like wrought-iron casement windows for a post-modern home, because the mix of traditional and contemporary in this case is going to be incongruous. Instead, pair your windows with the era of your home’s architecture.

In this case, most casement windows are great for traditional homes, particularly Cape Cod and Prairie. Sliding ones fit more modern styles of dwellings.

Daylighting Works Wonders

You can’t go wrong with more natural light, unless it also affords bystanders a peek into your sanctuary. In any case, daylight can enhance the look of your interior by creating contrast and accentuating edges. Picture windows, which are non-operable, fixed window types, can produce this much-needed drama in daytime as long as they’re oriented in the right direction (preferably southward in the northern hemisphere).

Sprucing Up Your Existing Windows

You don’t necessarily need to replace your windows right away, especially if you think your window types suit your interior anyway. If you don’t choose to replace your windows, you can simply clean them up and adorn them with window treatments, like drapes and curtains in neutral shades. Try to apply new weather-stripping while you’re at it, though, as old windows often leak heat and air—leading to energy inefficiency.

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey is your top windows authority. To experience how our windows can make a huge difference in your interior design, call us today at (201) 228-9818. You can also fill out our form to get started. We serve residents of Staten Island, NJ, and nearby areas.


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