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Window Grilles: Which Pattern Fits Your Home Style?

Thinking  of getting window grilles for functionality, but don’t want to compromise both the view and overall design of your home? You can easily have the best of both worlds by choosing the right grille pattern for your next  window replacement.

With the variety of colors, finishes and materials like vinyl or wood-clad windows, homeowners have a lot of decisions to make. Lucky for you, you can now take one off the list with the help of this quick guide Renewal by Andersen® of New Jersey has crafted.

It’s All About The View

Window grilles are typically known for their security features. Other than that, homeowners stray away since divided glass panes take longer to clean and serve not much of a purpose besides increasing the aesthetic value of home. However, with the right window grille pattern, the fear of hindering the view of a beautiful backyard is not an issue.

Contemporary Home

Modern homes are often characterized by large pieces of glass to highlight minimalism and cleanliness of style. To appreciate this thought, contemporary homes don’t often sport window grilles or simply opt for effortless horizontal lines.

Prairie Style Home

This type of windows usually consisted of nine unequal glass window panes: corners made of four small square panes, four rectangular panes along the edges, and one large square pane at the center. This is a popular style when you want a less obstructed view but still maintain practicality of a side hinge.

Tudor Home

Flexibility is a strength of this home style. You can go from casement windows with six to eight individual panes to diamond-patterned grilles to add the ornamental touch you desire.

Farmhouse Style

Designed for simplicity and function, this home style often features double-hung windows with two separate glass panels divided by a single sash to allow ventilation inside your house.

Colonial Style

One of the most popular house styles in the United States, colonial homes are traditionally characterized by symmetrical lines and windows. This style commonly relies on the functionality of double-hung windows which can be opened from top to bottom.

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