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Why Window Condensation Occurs During Summer

You probably notice that your windows tend to “sweat” during the winter and summer seasons. In summer specifically, the surface of your windows may sweat when the temperature inside your home is cooled down by your air conditioner and the air outside remains warm or humid.

Why Window Condensation Occurs During Summer

Generally, window condensation is nothing to worry about. But to ensure that your windows are protected against moisture damage, here are some tips that you should keep in mind:

Why Condensation Occurs

Condensation typically occurs when the surface of your window is colder than the air it has come in contact with. This means that the air outside your home could be very humid while the temperature inside is cool due to your air conditioner. When your window has to deal with these opposing temperatures, moisture forms on the surface — which makes your window look like it’s sweating.

According to window professionals, a little bit of moisture on your window is no big deal. Since windows are essentially designed to withstand elements such as water and rain, your window won’t easily get damaged by condensation. However, make sure that moisture does not build up for extended periods so as to avoid potential problems and the need for window replacement. In most cases, condensation goes away on its own when the difference between the temperatures inside and outside is reduced.

How to Reduce Indoor Humidity

If you’re concerned about the moisture on your windows or you simply want to be proactive and prevent any possible damage, here are a few tips that will help minimize window condensation during summer:

  • Turn on your exhaust fan whenever you’re cooking.

  • Make sure your appliances and exhaust fans are designed to vent outside.

  • Ventilate your attic and crawl spaces. You can use a vapor barrier to cover the earth in your crawl space.

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