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Top 4 Winter-Related Door Problems

Winter can be oddly beautiful when you’re looking at it from inside of your home, preferably with a hot drink in hand and a fire crackling merrily in the grate. This season, however, is usually the time when most problems arise. You should check your exterior doors. While they help protect your home from cold winds and snow buildup, they are also the most prone to operational issues. Renewal by Andersen® of New Jersey, your top door and window replacement company, shares some of the winter-related door problems you should watch out for.


  1. The door unit binds in the upper corner. You’ve probably noticed that the door is pulling down at an angle from the top corner. This usually occurs when the door or its frame expands or contracts because of the changing weather, leading to sticking or jamming. An exterior door also binds when its weight is pulling down on the opposite corner, causing it to tilt forward, or when its stripped screws have given out.
  2. The door remains open. Like windows, your exterior doors play an essential role in keeping your home’s temperature comfortable and consistent—but not when it stays open the whole time. This means that your door isn’t properly fitted within the frame, allowing drafts to leak into your living spaces. 
  3. The door has loose screws. Extreme changes in temperature and humidity can also cause door screws to become loose. It seems like a minor issue, but loosened screws can result in a sagging door. Not only that, they can cause the unit to stick or rub against its frame. Make sure to check the door for loose hinges, as well. This specific problem can make it difficult for you to properly latch your door. 
  4. The door’s locking system has frozen over. Winter produces more moisture, which can make the locks on your door more sluggish. In fact, the locks can even freeze completely. For this reason, it pays to deal with the issue immediately to maintain the safety and security in your home.

These winter-related door issues aren’t things that prompt repair can easily fix. But when your exterior doors are already displaying more serious problems, it might be time for professional door replacement. You can count on Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey for this. We offer top-tier hinged French and sliding Contemporary patio doors that are specially designed for durable and long-lasting performance. They can withstand the freezing temperatures of winter, while keeping your home insulated and secure.

Look no further than Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey for your door and window replacement needs. We proudly serve homeowners in New Jersey and Metro New York. Call us today at (908) 497-1020 or fill out this online form to schedule your free consultation.


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