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Tips For Cleaning Our Double-Hung Windows

At Renewal by Andersen® of New Jersey-New York Metro, our windows and doors are designed to get rid of the inconvenience that comes with cleaning. Along with the exclusive Fibrex® framing material, the units are equipped with glass that you can wipe on both sides without having to go outside of your home. We discuss in today’s blog post important tips on how to clean our double-hung windows.

Tips For Cleaning Our Double-Hung Windows

Remove Interior Grilles

Your windows may have detachable interior grilles. If so, gently lift them from the glass near the edge of the frame, leaving the grille clips in place. The glass is now bare and ready for cleaning.

Adjust the Bottom Sash

The bottom sash of the double-hung windows can be adjusted to help you clean the exterior part of the glass without having to step out of your home. To do this, unlock it and lift it about two inches. Slide down the wash-assist tabs found above the window on each side of the frame until they come into contact between the sash and frame. Grab the bottom sash near the wedged wash-assist tabs, pulling it gently to tilt it inward. Use something sturdy like the back of the chair to support the tilted sash.

Prepare the Top Sash

Even the top sash can be adjusted the same way as its bottom counterpart to allow the exterior glass to be cleaned. For this, slide the wash assist tabs to the top of the window frame. Lower the top sash up until the tilt-wash tab found at the top edge. Pull the sash toward you then tilt it until it rests against the bottom sash.

Put Sashes and Grilles Back in Place

Start with the titled top sash first. Lift it up until it snaps back to its vertical position. Push it down about an inch before sliding it to the top of the frame. Do the same with the bottom sash, but it must be pushed down to its closed position. Once they’re locked and completely engaged, return the interior grilles back into the glass, pressing them firmly into the grille clips.

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