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Tips for Addressing Window Condensation During Winter

A symptom of excess humidity in a home, window condensation occurs when warm, moist air comes into contact with the cold surface of your windows and then releases some of its moisture onto the glass as water droplets. Fog and frost are other common telltale signs of condensation on windows.

window condensation in the winter

Causes of Window Condensation

In general, condensation can result from different factors that often lead to too much moisture content in the air. Modern products and installation techniques have successfully made it possible for residential spaces to become more energy-efficient than ever before. However, this also means that it is more difficult for warm, moist air to escape. Other items such as heating systems, indoor plants and humidifiers add more water vapor to the air. Similarly, day-to-day activities such as cooking, showering and dishwashing also contribute to the increase of moisture inside your home, leading to frequent condensation on replacement windows and doors.

How to Reduce Condensation

The ideal humidity level varies from home to home but typically ranges between 30 to 50 percent. If you want to cut down on condensation issues, it is important to lower the level of indoor humidity first and foremost. High humidity levels can initiate a number of harmful and quite expensive problems, like unsightly stains on walls and ceilings, rot in wooden frames, mold and mildew growth and buckling floors.

It is also a good idea to increase ventilation by using the exhaust fans regularly as well as cranking the windows open if the weather conditions permit to allow moist air to escape your house. Another great tip to consider is making sure gas burners and clothes dryers are vented to the outside. Finally, having a professional roofer confirm whether or not your attic is adequately ventilated is essential.

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