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How to Prevent Your Wood Door From Swelling

If you recently noticed the wood doors in your home are looking bigger than usual, you may not be imagining things. Wood doors are actually porous, so they can experience seasonal distortion. If not protected properly, they can contract in dry air and expand in considerable amounts of humidity, which is why the bathroom and front doors are often the tightest fits in the house.

Constant Exposure to Moisture

Swelling doors is a topic of particular passion for those in the door industry, who look at the world as a collection of spaces separated by hinges, wood and jambs. Too much moisture and not enough water-repellent finish is a combination to avoid at all costs. A wood door is only as good as the finish that’s on it, after all.

There’s also the location of the door and of the home itself that you need to consider. If you happen to live in regions with heavy moisture in the air, it can be especially troublesome for your wood door. Instead of constantly spending on maintenance costs, it’s much better to have a more reliable door product installed by Renewal by Andersen® of New Jersey instead. Not only are we experts in window replacement, we also have great replacement options for your old wood doors.

Other Possible Solutions

Another solution that’s long-term is planing your wood door. However, you’re going to have to wait until dry season before you can detach the door and remove a sixteenth of an inch from the areas that rub using a hand plane. You’ll need to be conservative, as door clearance is generally an eighth of an inch. Then you have to sand the planed area, refinish it and rehang the door. If you think this is too much trouble to do on your own, you can always hire our services to get the job done.

As the best installer for doors and windows, you can be confident that Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey will get the job done professionally and efficiently. You can reach us by calling (908) 497-1020 or through our online contact form. We serve our customers in New Jersey and surrounding areas.


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