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How to Mix and Match Windows

To create a seamless look, many people tend to play it safe by installing the same window styles for every side of their home. While this may seem like a smart choice, it prevents homeowners from creating a more versatile look for their interior and exterior space.

In today’s post, Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey®, a window replacement company in the area, explains why your front windows do not necessarily have to match all other windows in your home.

Traditional Approach

Most homeowners prefer the classic, asymmetrical placement by repeating the same set of window styles on all the other sides. This approach, however, limits what you can do for your home’s aesthetics.

Apart from using the same styles repeatedly, another common mistake that most homeowners commit is when they treat windows so differently. For example, a circular window would not complement an adjacent double-hung, eight-over-eight window.

Modern Approach


Consistency has its charm but learning how to mix and match different window styles can invigorate your home’s appeal. For instance, giving picture windows their own wall and keeping the trim and muntins identical with those in the rest of the house will help preserve the existing design.

Window Style Suggestions


There are window styles that work best for certain areas in your home. For instance, a bay window, which offers extra space for lounging, is often installed in bedrooms since it evokes the feeling of comfort. On the other hand, picture windows, which provide a welcoming vibe, are a great choice for living rooms.


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