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How Renewal by Andersen® Windows Reduce Noise

Your home isn’t just a place that’s called a house—it’s called a “home” precisely for the fact that it’s your safe space. As a sanctuary, your home isn’t worth being called one if it allows eavesdroppers and wandering eyes to know what’s happening inside it.

Renewal by Andersen® Windows Reduce Noise

Fortunately, your specialist in windows and doors in NJ, Renewal by Andersen® of New Jersey, has a few ways to heighten your privacy. One is by simply installing our window products, which come with some measure of soundproofing on their own. In today’s post, let us give you a rundown of its details.

How Renewal by Andersen Windows Reduce Noise

Renewal by Andersen has engineered and patented our exclusive High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass—a glass so advanced it can selectively filter harmful ultraviolet and infrared light without affecting the quality of visible light. But it’s not just light that’s being filtered—sound, too.

The design of the window, from glazing to its frame, uses impact resistance at its core. It employs a PVB interlayer whose density is different from that of the glass. As a result, when sound waves (which are really just vibrations on the air) come from the glass and encounter the PVB, the different density cancels their waveform, which disperses some of the sound. What’s more, we use the PVB interlayer in our door products too—including our French doors!

Soundproofing Tests

When we say our windows can give you more peace of mind, don’t just take our word for it. Take, for example, the results of our tests on the Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings. As a metric that measures the degree of sound that penetrates an object, a high STC rating means more sound is filtered.

And our test results are in. Take, for instance, our 400-series windows, has an STC rating of 34. Windows usually have a low rating of 18, so as you can see, our windows have more than double the sound-filtering capability as a normal window.

You cannot go wrong with Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey if you want to embrace your privacy. We manufacture, install and service our exclusive windows and doors, including sliding patio doors. To experience the Renewal by Andersen difference, call us today at (201) 228-9818. You can also fill out our form to get started. We serve residents of Hillsborough, New Jersey, and nearby areas.


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