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Factors to Consider When Choosing Windows for a Bathroom

The different rooms in your home will have different needs. It only makes sense to choose a specific style of window that meets these needs. From picture windows being a top choice for living room fenestration, to classic double-hungs in bedrooms, there’s a right window for every room in your home.

Bathrooms, however, can pose a challenge in window choice. Bathroom windows must be a good balance of good lighting and privacy. Additionally, its operable parts must be resistant to humidity as it will almost always be in a high-moisture environment. Our experts at Renewal by Andersen® of New Jersey offer the following pointers on how to find a good bathroom window.


Large window styles like sliding and casement windows have two main benefits: they let in plenty of natural light and they can make small spaces appear bigger. For bathrooms, this can be problematic as large windows do not lend themselves well to privacy. This can be addressed by choosing glazing options that can address privacy concerns without sacrificing lighting.


Glass transparency is actually important enough to warrant its own discussion. Renewal by Andersen® offers plenty of customization options for choosing the right glazing for your windows. This means you can choose to set the level of transparency and improve privacy in a bathroom window while still keeping it well lit and spacious.


Changing the position of your windows when replacing them can be an expensive option to improve privacy but should your windows be at an unfortunate angle, our experts can recommend doing so. Higher placement can give you more privacy and more lighting at certain times of the day and is generally a good idea for bathrooms. Styles such as casements and sliders are perfect for this role as they can be open or shut with very little loss of privacy.

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