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Casement Windows: Which Side Should They Open From?

Casement windows provide great views, efficient ventilation, and, thanks to its hinged design, the most energy-efficient operable window style. In today’s post, local window replacement company Renewal by Andersen® of New Jersey shares a look at a small yet important consideration that’s often overlooked: should casement windows open from the left or the right?

Casement Windows

A Few Basic Terms

First, let’s take a look at some window-specific terms we’ll be using in this guide. References to how a window opens are made from a house’s exterior. For example, a sliding window that operates opens left-to-right from the outside would be “handle left.” A casement window with the same orientation would, therefore, have its hinges at the right hand side.

You might, however, come across product literature where casement windows are labeled as left or right hand crank. In this case, the orientation is indoors. Therefore, a casement window with a right hand crank, located indoors, would handle left: that is, it opens left-to-right from the outside.

Casement Window Direction Considerations

Casement windows can be left or right hand crank, and there are a few factors you should consider when choosing one or the other.

Your Dominant Hand — Hinged doors can be awkward when the handle or doorknob is on the opposite side of your dominant hand. Operating a casement window crank requires more than just a single turn, so you will want to have the crank at the same side as your dominant hand. In shared spaces like the living room, choose the orientation that benefits the majority of the family.

Ventilation — Certain parts of your home may have a cross breeze, or a light wind that runs along the exterior walls. When opened in the right direction, a casement window can catch this breeze and allow ventilation into your home.

Aesthetics — Generally, casements look best when the hinges are oriented towards the center of the house. However, if you have the option to pair them off, or have them flank a fixed window, the casement window hinges should be oriented outwards. This is also applicable to bay windows, which are, technically, combination windows.

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