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A Guide to Checking Your Windows After a Storm


Did a storm recently hit your area? If so, then there may be a chance that some of your home’s windows have been damaged. In order to correctly assess the situation, window replacement experts have a quick guide to help you inspect your windows.

Check for Hailstorm Damage

The recent storm may have been accompanied by hail, which is notorious for causing impact damage. Check your windows’ frames for dents or cracks caused by hailstones. For severe hailstorms, entire window panels may end up cracked or completely shattered. Otherwise, a hailstone could cause small chips or scratches on the glass pane.

Check for Wind Damage

Strong winds can cause entire glass panes or sashes to get blown out. This is especially true for larger bow and bay window panels. Look for signs of missing glass panes or cracks on the surface. If it’s just wind damage, these cracks will rarely be accompanied by multiple small dents.

Check for Moisture Damage

Moisture damage is less instantaneous than the other two types of window damage, but it tends to cause more long-term problems. Check for signs of condensation on the glass panes and water leaks along the windows’ seams. If water has pooled up along the bottom edge of the frame, it might also cause rust or rot to form.

Call an Expert

There are certain window problems that are either difficult to determine or will completely go unnoticed to the untrained eye. This is why you should always call a certified window inspector even after you performed your own inspections. An expert will have an easier time spotting problems whether you have a casement window, sliding window or even a fixed window that needs to be checked.

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