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5 Tips to Reduce Mess During a Window Replacement Job

There are a lot of things that are going on during a window replacement project that cause a mess around your home. Dust and debris could fall when your old windows are being dismantled so that your new windows can be installed. With that said, your sliding window expert, Renewal by Andersen® of New Jersey shares five tips to reduce mess during a window replacement project.

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1. Close All the Doors. Closing all the doors during a window replacement project goes a long way to prevent dust from spreading around your home. Aside from keeping your privacy intact, it isolates the dust and debris in one area which will make the clean-up process quicker and easier.

2. Seal Off the Work Area. This is a more in-depth approach that is recommended for big jobs such as a bow and bay window replacement project. You can acquire plastic drop sheets from your local hardware store and hang them around the project area. Be sure that you seal the area tightly for them to be effective at keeping dust and debris in one area.

3. Push Dust Outwards. You can set outside-facing fans around your window to push as much dust away from your home as possible. While this can be difficult if there are strong winds in your area, they definitely help decrease the amount of dust present in the room.

4. Cover Up Furniture and Electronics. It can be difficult to move big appliances and furniture, such as television sets or sofas, out of your room if they’re in the project area. To reduce the amount of debris getting to them, you can move them away from your windows and cover them with plastic or fabric so that they won’t be tarnished.

5. Close Your Vents. When you shut off your HVAC vents during the replacement project, you’ll prevent the dust from the project area from spreading around your home. However, if you find your home to be uncomfortable with the vents shut off, you can tape the vents in the replacement area so that the dust and debris can be contained within the vicinity.

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