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4 Essential Benefits of Sliding Windows

A sliding window, also called a slider, is a style of window that opens in a horizontal manner, making it look like a tilted double-hung window. Most sliding windows have two glass panels — with one side being movable and the other being immobile. In this article, a windows and sliding patio doors expert discusses a number of advantages of sliding windows that may appeal to you.

4 Essential Benefits of Sliding Windows

1. Unobstructed Views

First off, sliding windows come in a larger size than traditional double-hung windows. This means that a large-sized sliding window will frame your deck, pool or landscaping in a more natural and effective way. If you want to soak up the outdoor scenery, sliding windows are a great option for you. Moreover, these windows allow for increased daylighting and better ventilation throughout the home.

2. Easy Operation

Since one of the fundamental functions of building openings is to allow fresh air from the outside to grace the living space, windows and even doors that are difficult or time-consuming to open and close will not be ideal. The good thing is, sliding windows are known for their ease of operation. One glass panel glides on rollers, while the other panel remains stationary, offering great versatility.

3. Energy Efficiency

A sliding window is more energy-efficient than other types of replacement windows, thanks to its lack of complicated parts. This makes the window fairly easy to open and close firmly, heading off air infiltration. These windows also often come with low-E coatings, insulating glass between panes and non-conductive spacers, all of which contribute to enhanced insulation.

4. Minimal Maintenance

Having fewer parts is not only excellent news for energy efficiency, but it also means requiring fewer maintenance requirements than other styles of windows. To spring-clean a sliding window, you can simply apply a mild washing solution to the glass and wipe it off using a microfiber cloth or foam sponge.

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