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3 Must-Do Window Maintenance Tasks Before Summer Ends

Now that we’re approaching the end of the summer season, you’ll have to ensure that your windows and doors are ready for the incoming colder months. In today’s post, Renewal by Andersen® of New Jersey shares three window maintenance tasks you should accomplish before the summer season ends.

3 Must-Do Window Maintenance Tasks Before Summer Ends

Clean Your Window

Over the season, your window sills probably have accumulated some dirt, sand, leaves, and debris, especially if you live in hot and humid areas. If left unattended, these foreign objects can obstruct the normal operation of your windows and could cause damage and deterioration in the long run. You can clean this area by grabbing a clean brush and scrubbing off the debris with clean water or a glass-friendly solution as not to damage or leave blemishes on your windows. In turn, this ensures that your windows are clean and tightens its seal to prevent outdoor air from getting in.

Replace Your Weatherstripping

With the end of the summer comes the perfect time to replace your weatherstripping components. Check out and see if they still maintain their adhesive properties, otherwise, you’ll have to replace them. This ensures that there will be little to no air leaks from your windows that will affect your indoor temperature and increase your home’s overall energy efficiency. Continuing to use old weatherstripping wastes your HVAC system’s energy as it lets all indoor air escape which reduces your energy-efficiency.

Repair Damaged Surfaces

One of the most important things you shouldn’t miss out on during any maintenance check-up is looking out for any cracks or rot on your window frames. These kinds of damage let in moisture and release indoor heat easily which needs to be addressed immediately. A small crack or gap can be fixed with a little bit of putty, but if the damage to your windows is severe, it’s better to have your whole window system replaced to let them work like brand-new.

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