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To Grille or Not to Grille: Should You Get Window Grilles?

Grilles may not be essential to window structure as they once were, but they are still an important design consideration when buying replacement windows. Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey shares insights on what kind of window grilles you should get – or whether you should get them at all.

Window Grilles

What Are Window Grilles?

Grilles are also referred to as grids or muntins. They are strips of wood, composite or other material that divide the main window area into smaller sections. Grilles originally served a structural purpose. During the Renaissance, glassmakers could only produce glass pieces a few inches wide. Grilles held up several such pieces to fill a window or door sash. Glassmaking has since evolved to the point where grilles are unnecessary, but they have become an important element of window design that replacement window manufacturers still offer.

Factors You Should Consider

Window grilles come in many styles, which can make the selection process overwhelming unless you already have a specific style in mind. Considering the following factors can help make the selection process easier. You may also end up not getting grilles at all, if the window design doesn’t call for it.

  • Home style. Some home styles just won’t look complete unless they have the right grille style. You’re probably already familiar with the symmetrical grid layout of Colonial-style grilles found in their namesake home style. Tudor style homes are not complete without their distinctive diamond-shaped grilles. In contrast, modern-style homes typically lack grilles on their windows.

  • Views. Framing a great view with the windows means doing away with anything that can interrupt your view, which could include grilles.

  • Maintenance requirements. Windows with traditionally made grilles have many small corners that may be difficult to keep clean. Fortunately, most of today’s replacement windows feature grilles that can be removed for easy cleaning.

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