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The Best Window Maintenance Habits to Develop in 2021

Window maintenance becomes more effective the more good habits you develop. The start of this year marks the best time to pick up these window maintenance habits so keep reading to learn how to take better care of your windows.

 Best Window Maintenance Habits

Dust Before Wiping Your Windows

According to our team of experts, dusting the window’s surface before bringing out the soapy water and sponge is a great way to prevent damaging the glass panes. This is because even a soft sponge might cause dust particles to press against the glass, creating small scratches. Dusting before using a sponge also prevents the dust from clumping into a mud-like grime.

Ditch the Strong Cleaners

Strong cleaning agents may do a great job of cleaning persistent dirt spots but they might be too harsh for your window. To avoid cleaner-related issues such as fading, corrosion or etching, always start with a mild combination of soap and water. According to window replacement specialists, you may be better off consulting a professional instead of trying to use strong cleaning agents to get rid of persistent stains.

Use Silicone Instead of Oil

If some of your windows feel too gritty or squeak when being operated, you may have to check if the hinges need lubrication. Use silicone spray instead of oil, since oil could end up attracting dust particles and turn into grime after some time. If the window is still having issues after lubrication, check if the sash is still perfectly aligned with the frame as the problem may be caused by sagging or swelling.

Disinfect Those Handles

If a window is operated on a regular basis, make sure you have the handles cleaned with a disinfectant to reduce the risk of contamination by viruses or bacteria. Spraying the handles with alcohol works, but don’t let it dry on its own because alcohol can cause discoloration. Make sure you wipe the handles dry with a clean cloth as soon as possible. This practice also applies to doors, which are operated more frequently than windows.

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