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Do You Need to Secure a Permit for Your New Windows?

Are you planning to replace your old windows? If you answered yes, you might want to check with your local regulations before anything else. According to our team of experts, you may have to secure a permit before going ahead with your window replacement project.

Secure a Permit for Your New Windows

Why Secure a Permit?

Building permits are a way to make sure that parts of your home comply to the standards set by your local building authorities. If you don’t secure a permit, you might end up having a window that goes against the local building codes, which are designed to set a minimum on safety, functionality, and even aesthetics of all property in a given area.

Isn’t a Window Small Enough to Matter?


You probably think swapping out a window is a small change that securing a permit may seem troublesome. However, if your project involves something like switching from small casement windows to large picture windows, then it involves working on the existing wall openings, which might be compromised if changes made to it goes beyond the local codes.

When Is Permit-free Replacement Okay?

A good rule of thumb to check if you can go ahead with a replacement is to look at the parts of the window being replaced. If you’re only replacing the window’s sash (the moving part), there’s no need to make changes to the opening. This means installing replacement sashes can usually be done without the need to secure a permit.

Consult a Local Contractor

One of the main reasons why you’d want to choose a local contractor is because they are familiar with local building codes. Need new casement windows for your home? A local contractor knows if your replacement project will require a permit. This way, you’re not second-guessing like like you would if you attempted a DIY project.

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