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Choosing Bathroom Windows: Essential Factors to Consider

Window replacement in bathrooms must be planned carefully. In this room, you must achieve sufficient ventilation and allow in natural light while maintaining privacy. You want to choose windows that illuminate your space without compromising your comfort and overall bathing experience.

Choosing Bathroom Window

Here are essential factors to consider when choosing bathroom windows.


Bigger windows will allow more light into your space. Good lighting is vital to the safety and comfort of your bathroom. It would be hard to apply your makeup or safely walk around the room if it’s not well-lit. However, larger windows can also put your privacy at risk, especially if your bathroom is on the first floor.


You can still get a good size window in your bathroom without affecting your privacy if you place it higher on the wall. Get wider, narrow windows and install them in the upper areas of the room. They will bring just the same amount of light as a tall window installed in a lower spot and protect you from unwanted views.


The style of your windows will affect the appeal and functionality of your bathroom. Excess humidity is a common issue in this part of your home. You can avoid that by choosing windows that can be opened, such as double-hung windows, awnings and casements. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all windows in this room must be operable. For instance, you could place a picture window above an awning window.


Instead of getting clear glass for your bathroom windows, consider stained, frosted or textured glass for added privacy. These glass options will let in light but keep others from seeing you through the window. Consider the style of your home when choosing window glass for your bathroom. For instance, stained glass works well in traditional architecture, while frosted glass complements modern spaces.

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