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4 Tips for Creating a Budget for Replacement Windows

Planning the budget is one of the most important milestones for a window replacement project. In fact, it is the most challenging part of tackling any type of home improvement endeavor. One mistake could lead to overspending, and in some cases, homeowners aren’t able to get the new windows they envisioned from the start.

Replacement Windows

Replacing the windows in your home will often require a sizable investment on your part. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make the cost of your windows more manageable by using a budget to your benefit. Just make sure you create the budget in advance so that you’re not tempted to spend more than you feel comfortable spending. In this post, window replacement contractor Renewal by Andersen® of New Jersey discusses the things you need to consider when making a window replacement budget.

1. Energy Savings

One of the things you need to consider when creating a window replacement budget is the energy savings of your new window. This is because some energy-efficient windows can be a bit costly to install and, as such, if you want the energy savings that the new window will net you, you need to adjust your budget accordingly. Thankfully, however, the cost is merely a one-time investment and you’ll be glad to have an energy-efficient window in the long run.

2. Labor

When creating a budget for your window replacement project, another thing you’ll have to consider is the labor costs, which includes the time it’ll take for your window and roofing contractor to get on-site and set up their equipment, the removal of your old windows, as well as how many windows you intend to replace. While your contractors will do what they can to keep labor costs down, it’s still in your best interests to factor it into your budget so you’ll be adequately prepared.

3. Materials

The material of your new window is another thing you need to factor into your budget. This includes miscellaneous components such as the nails, tools and other extra materials that will ensure your window replacement is a success. The reason for this is because depending on the window materials you choose, the overall cost of your replacement project may vary.

4. Contingency Budget

Unexpected expenses are not uncommon in home improvement projects. In the context of window replacement, this happens when the pros discover previously unseen damage or deterioration around the window opening. Repairs may be needed before installing the new windows, entailing additional costs. To prepare for this possibility, set aside an emergency budget that is equivalent to at least 10% of the project’s total cost.

At Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey, we offer a wide selection of replacement windows and doors, ranging from more traditional styles like double-hung to a full line of specialty. To schedule a free, in-home consultation with our window specialists, call us at (908) 497-1020 or fill out our convenient online request form! We serve clients in New Jersey.


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