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3 Signs of a Failing Window Seal

Modern windows have several components that make them reliable and durable, and seals are one of them. Window seals are in place to keep insulating gas, such as argon and krypton, between the panes of glass. Seals also provide additional weatherproofing for windows. Without seals, you’re going to have issues with energy efficiency and excess moisture.


3 Signs of a Failing Window Seal

In this post, trusted window replacement company Renewal by Andersen® of New Jersey shares three common signs of a failing window seal.


1. Warping or Distortion


Windows usually have inert gas, such as argon or krypton, between their panes that act as insulation against heat and cold. Window seals keep the gas in place, preventing it from leaking out. When the seals fail and the gas escapes, this causes the glass to warp, bow or distort in the middle. An easy way to check for window glass distortion is to stand outside in front of your window and look at your reflection. If your reflection looks distorted, then you should have your window seals checked by professionals.


2. Condensation


Windows typically form condensation on the outside, especially during summer. But if you notice moisture between your windowpanes, this can mean seal failure. If your window is constantly fogging or hazing and no amount of wiping makes it clear, then that means moisture is getting inside your windowpanes due to a broken seal.


3. Drafts Coming from Your Closed Window


If you can feel drafts even from a closed window, then it’s likely that your window seal is failing. Seals do more than prevent the insulating gas from leaking out — they also help weatherproof your windows. Check your windows thoroughly and feel where there are any drafts. Inform your window contractor during your consultation.


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