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3 Easy Ways to Match Windows and Rooms

Deciding which windows to install in any given room can make a huge difference to your home’s function and aesthetics. But how exactly do you choose the right option for a particular space? The premier window replacement expert in the area, Renewal by Andersen® of New Jersey, shares some handy tips. 

Match Windows and Rooms

  1. Choose windows that offer good natural ventilation in the kitchen. Since good ventilation is important in a kitchen, you should consider window styles that are best at providing it. The champions at letting in fresh, cooling breezes are usually double-hung and casement windows. The former is best placed in a walk-in pantry, right above the counters, while the latter is best installed over the kitchen sink because of its more compact and easily operable design.

  1. Pick larger windows for the living room. Since the living room is generally one of the biggest spaces in your home, it just makes sense to choose bigger windows for it. Picture windows, or bay and bow window, can be an excellent option. Have them installed on a south-facing wall to allow greater natural light to stream into the space. But you should note that larger windows only work when there’s something pretty to look at outside. If the living room is actually facing a tight cul de sac, or a view of the neighbor’s garage, you should consider picking smaller windows instead.

  1. Go for easy-to-operate windows in the bathroom. There are a few special requirements in place for bathroom windows. Aside from offering good ventilation (to prevent excess humidity), they should also be sized correctly and provide smooth, effortless operation. This way, you can safely and easily use them to exit your home during an emergency. Casement and sliding units usually meet the code for bathroom windows, so you should consider making them your first choice.

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