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Neat Kitchen Sink Window Ideas Worth Trying

Looking for a great way to enhance your kitchen? Whynot add a kitchen sink window? Having windows next to one of the busiest areas in the room not only helps with brightening up the place, but also adds extra ventilation and a view of the outdoors. Here are a few kitchen sink window ideas that are worth trying out.


Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are efficient and compact. This means there will almost always be enough space for one by your kitchen sink. You can accentuate a double-hung window by adding cabinets next or above it and you don’t have to worry about sashes hitting anything nearby due to its design.

Go Wide

What’s the best way to add a panoramic view of your yard while you’re working by the kitchen sink? Get a casement window! Casement windows can be opened as wide as their entire frame size, which means you also get good airflow when you need to air out your kitchen after a busy food prep session.

Bifold for Best Views

Do you feel like casement windows still aren’t big enough for your kitchen? If so, you should consider getting bifold windows. These windows are basically like casement windows, except each sash can fold into smaller halves. This allows a bifold window to have a large frame without needing too much space for the sashes to fully open and close.

Picture Windows

Sometimes, you don’t need kitchen windows that can open or close. Picture windows may not offer much in terms of ventilation, but it does other window functions just as well as other options. Because a picture window doesn’t have any moving parts, there are no components that might fail so it’s fairly easy to maintain.

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