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Tips on Enhancing Your Home’s Natural Ventilation

Does your home feel a bit too stuffy for comfort? Enhancing your home’s natural ventilation will improve your home’s humidity while also getting rid of stale indoor air while minimizing your HVAC costs. Here are a few tips from our team of windows and doors experts that will help give your home a breath of fresh air.

More Green on the Ground


Adding more grass around your home may not seem like much, but it actually helps improve natural ventilation. Because grass does not absorb heat as concrete pavement, the ground temperature goes down, which helps direct cooler air into your home.


Channel the Airflow


Some parts of a home do not get much air flow unless the wind is purposely redirected there. Having an atrium or balcony leading to a hall with picture windows will channel the air further into the home. If the hall had a different window, the air from the aitrum would have flowed out through those openings instead of getting further into the home.


Learn Proper Window Placement


Simply putting windows in a room is no guarantee that there will be good airflow. According to experts, placing windows on the north and south areas of the home will help optimize cross-ventilation. This is because the air flows in a single general direction. This goes a long way, especially during summer seasons where uninterrupted airflow is essential in keeping the home cool.


Just Open Up


Sometimes, a home already has what it needs to keep the home naturally ventilated; it’s just that the homeowner doesn’t use those elements often enough.  Open up those casement windows and that have been shut for months. Even if it’s just for a few hours every other day, keeping the windows open every now and then will go a long way in avoiding ventilation issues.


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