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The Four Most Common Signs of Storm Damage

Storms can cause  a problem even to the most durable windows available. That said, you must be able to tell if your home’s windows are compromised after a storm hits your area. Today, our team of experts are here to give you a rundown of the four most common signs of storm damage on windows.

 Most Common Signs of Storm Damage

1. Cracked or Shattered Glass

The most serious type of storm damage often involves severe signs of cracks or shattered glass. This renders the entire window useless and leaves the home vulnerable to drafts, moisture, and even a personal injury hazard because of jagged glass shards. Windows with shattered glass must be replaced ASAP.

2. Leaking and Moisture In Glass Panes

Windows are especially designed to keep water from getting into your home when it’s raining. Unfortunately, a storm can either damage the window, creating gaps along the frame and seams where water can seep through. Minor signs of leaking can be caulked, but more severe cases will warrant a complete window replacement.

3. Sagging Sashes

Storms are accompanied by strong winds that can knock out a window’s sashes or at least cause the hinges to weaken. This often results in the sash sagging or tilting away from the hinge and coming into contact with the frame. When this happens, the window becomes difficult to open because of the unnecessary friction.

4. Chips and Dents

Even the most durable parts of the window are not safe from storm damage. Wind-carried debris can cause enough impact damage to chip or dent the frame’s surface. Exceptionally strong impacts can even cause large cracks in the frame, weakening the window’s structural integrity. Experts on doors and windows suggest having dented or chipped windows replaced to make sure your home is protected when the next big storm comes.

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