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What You Need to Know When Replacing Your Patio Door

If you’re looking to replace your patio door, you need to choose which type of door fits your home’s architecture. You also need to consider the efficiency it can give and how much maintenance is needed to keep it in good condition. There are a lot of options to consider, so choosing wisely may not be so easy. Luckily, as trusted installers for doors and casement windows, we’re here to help you find the right patio door for your home.

Consider What Patio Door Style Best Suits You

Patio doors come in different styles and offer different benefits. If you’re not too sure of what to get, it’s always good to stick to the same type of patio door you already have. But you need to keep in mind that you also have the opportunity to choose a more energy-efficient door. You can consult a trusted door and window installer and see which are the latest options that you can have installed in your home. While it may be good to stick with your previous choice, a new patio door design can help boost your home’s visual appeal.

Consider the Maintenance Required 

Patio doors, just like  windows, vary in style, and each requires different levels of maintenance. For instance, you may be considering a traditional wood patio door because of the timeless classic look it can give in your home, but you also need to be aware of the scraping, sanding and repainting process that’s needed when the time comes, which can be a hassle if not done with a professional.

On the other hand, our Fibrex® patio doors require only an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth and household cleaner to keep them looking like new. In fact, you can have your Fibrex patio door customized with wood grain style finishes, so you can choose a look that complements your home’s architecture. Fibrex is also stronger than other materials offered in the market, and won’t warp even after prolonged sun exposure. It also doesn’t decay or rot over time like wood.

Consider Hiring a Trusted Door Installer

When you need professional contractors who specialize in replacing patio doors and picture windows, consider hiring only the name you can count on. Hire Renewal by Andersen® of New Jersey today by calling (908) 497-1020, or you can also contact us through our convenient online form. We serve Staten Island and the surrounding NJ areas.


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