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7 Signs It’s Time to Replace the Patio Doors in Your Home

Unsure whether it’s time to replace your patio doors? Are you confused about where to start, what the process will look like, and why you should replace them in the first place? While replacing windows can help reduce energy costs, replacing patio doors can help reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills. Once your patio door is replaced, the maintenance is minimal, the operation is simple and it will greatly improve the overall appearance and functionality of your home.


7 Signs It's Time to Replace the Patio Doors in Your Home

So how do you know when it’s time to think about a patio door replacement?  Window contractor Renewal by Andersen® of New Jersey shares that If you notice any of the following seven signs, consider upgrading to a new door.

  1. Cosmetic Damage

Surface damage can leave your patio door looking dingy. Extensive scrapes, chipped paint or scratch marks do not necessitate a replacement. However, cosmetic damages like these may require a door replacement if the damage is extensive or you wish to improve the look of the door overall. Talk to a door and window replacement contractor to determine if cosmetic damage can be fixed with paint or refinishing. If not, consider door replacement.

  1. Difficulty Operating the Door

When a patio door becomes warped due to age or damage, you may have more trouble opening and closing the door. If your door sticks, makes loud noises when used, or does not open or close without effort, the door may be past its prime. Your door contractor might want to determine the cause of these operating problems before replacing the door to ensure a smooth transition. For example, a bent sliding screen door can just be replaced unless there’s also an issue with the door frame.

  1. Drafts or Heat Transfer

To keep your home climate comfortable and reduce the risk of pest infestation, your patio door should fit snugly in its frame. If the door has warped or does not have enough weatherstripping, you may notice pockets of hot or cold air around it.

  1. Gaps Around the Door

In some cases, the spaces that can cause drafts actually become large enough to see. For example, gaps around a sliding patio door can occur if the door tilts to one side. In addition to heat transfer issues, these gaps undermine your home’s security and increase the risk of pest infestation.

  1. Outdated Design

When you look at your patio door, do you feel happy about the design? Does the door match the style and decor of your home and porch? If not, you may want to consider a new door that truly complements your home. An upgraded patio door can brighten and modernize the room it opens into.

  1. Structural Damage

Major structural damage to patio doors often occurs due to impact incidents, such as hailstorm or a poorly thrown baseball. Whatever the cause of the damage, it’s in your best interest to clean up any glass or debris and replace the door as soon as possible.

  1. Water Intrusion

Like your bow and bay window, the seal around your patio door can lose its effectiveness over time. If you notice high levels of moisture around the door, water dripping down the wall, or puddles on your floor, the door likely needs to be replaced.

The signs mentioned above means you actually don’t have to wait until your existing patio door has visible damage before replacing it. Putting off this project only leads to worse problems, which in turn, leads to more expenses. And once you’ve finally decided to invest in a door replacement, make sure to consider these tips:

  1. Choose a good material because your new door’s life and performance hinge on this.

  2. Don’t overlook customization–you’ll want to make sure your new patio door matches well with your home’s exterior palette and style.

  3. Pick excellent hardware and locking systems to maintain your home’s safety and security.

  4. Work with a trusted door company like Renewal by Andersen to ensure quality and worry-free installation.

Here at Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey-New York Metro we offer a wide selection of replacement window styles, ranging from more traditional styles like double hung, sliding window to a full line of specialty windows. When you hire us, our experienced designed consultants will work with you to choose the right fit for your home. To schedule a free, in-home consultation with our window specialists, call us at (908) 497-1020 or fill out our convenient request form. We serve clients in Toms River and Jackson, New Jersey.


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