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Part 3: Fighting Window Moisture: What You Should Know – Protecting Your Home Against Moisture Damage

Moisture problem in windows may be common, but they are not unavoidable. There are things you can do to protect your home and what’s even better is that the tasks are not difficult to carry out. In fact, even just employing regular maintenance and routine TLC will go a long way towards keeping your home in top condition.

Prevention is Key

When it comes to protecting against excessive moisture, it is important to keep in mind that prevention is key. You may have newer windows, for instance, that have been improved to reduce, if not prevent, the likelihood of condensation forming on their surface but don’t forget that external factors can still come into play. To prevent excessive moisture from taking hold of your home, here are some measures you can take:

  • Check your ventilation. Again, ventilation is crucial in keeping moisture at bay because it can greatly influence humidity levels. Take note that the ideal relative humidity you should be aiming for is below 40%. This is the level of humidity in your home that you can allow without affecting the health of your family.
  • Use mechanical ventilation. In areas where certain activities contribute a lot to making your home more humid, you can use mechanical ventilation to help direct moist air out. This is best for bathrooms and kitchens where air may not be able to flow out without help.
  • Use the right settings for a heat recovery ventilator. If you own one, check if you’re using the right settings. Heat recovery ventilators can recirculate more than they should, increasing moisture in the air instead of working to keep humidity levels down.
  • Consider window replacement. Your windows might be too worn out to function properly and that’s contributing to an imbalance in humidity in your home.

Facing the Moisture Problem

The first step towards solving a problem is acknowledging that a problem exists in the first place. If you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a local contractor to help you figure things out. They’ll know what to look for so they’ll be able to tell you immediately if you’re dealing with excessive moisture. If you are, act quickly to address the problem as soon as possible.


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